4 Forgotten Commodore 64 classic games

March 11, 2019 goldengoose677 0 Comments

The worldwide impact of the Commodore 64 saw it sell tens of millions of units in its 12 year production run after 1984. The machine remains popular over three decades after its original release with retro-computing fans who enjoy the low price, ease of game development and console-caliber graphics compatibility that made it stand out. There are many Commodore 64 games available. Since the ease of development allows a selection of thousands of titles to choose from, we will pick a few forgotten classics that are guaranteed to make you relieve the commodore 64 experience.

Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders

You play as Zack in this adventure game. The young reporter is ambitious but unhappy due to a lowly ranking tabloid position. Zak encounters alien mindbenders when he checks on a suspicious story. The game features an impressive intro sequence with better graphics than those found within the game. The sequence has sound FX but there is no music within the game. It is still very good for a C64 game because it is challenging, completely playable and interactive.

Sid Meier’s Pirates!

It is an all-rounder game that combines elements of adventure, strategy and action games. Players choose between a new game and commanding a famous expedition which allows them to compete against real life pirates. The game features different locations and challenges with every city offering its own unique characteristics. You can do almost anything in the game, from attacking cities to scavenging for Spaniards, or working your way up the ranks and digging for loot. You can even get married. The battles are fair and enjoyable. It has limited sound FX options and can be repetitive. It offers great graphics with realistic coastlines and easily distinguishable ships.

Maniac Mansion

This game combines humor, violence and other elements that make it one of the best Commodore 64 puzzle games ever made. It has multiple possible choices due to the variety of characters which may make it difficult to complete without a walkthrough. The exciting graphics and scary plot add to the playability to make this game a classic. It has the best sound FX for any game listed because it combines to create the scary atmosphere. Remember to watch the introduction to understand your gameplay. You can look online to find walkthroughs for your character in case you get stuck.

Kung Fu: The Way of the exploding fist

Nothing beats a good fighting game and this karate based action game was one of the best releases of the Commodore 64. It creates movement of fighters and allows up to 16 different moves which makes it exciting for users. You are not limited in your mobility or range of actions. It was awarded the game of the year at the Golden Joystick Awards. For best gameplay you should consider attaching controllers. The 16 actions available are limited compared to options in other C64 games, but the movement and the ability to engage opponents in combat makes this proprietary game a classic that could be fun to play.