About us

C64gamers.com is an online portal which provides different classical games to the avid gamers. We provide a platform for nostalgic gamers to dive into the past and enjoy games that they used to play in their young days. We have a large variety of games available, some of them are classics and have cult following for example games likepirates, Zak Mackraken and the alien mindbenders.  All of the games available are based on Commodore 64 which is also known as C64, a home computer launched in 1982 and  it was also one of the most best selling home computers in that era.

We, through our platform try to keep alive the simplicity and fun of old video games and we also provide gamers with nostalgic feeling of their past days gone by. Nowadays, there are many websites available for online gaming but most of them are modern games websites and require a lot amount of data to be playedand the system requirements are also very high. Unlike retro gaming which requires minimal system and data requirementsbut the storyline and the addictiveness of the games are same as that of modern games and the size difference between modern and retro games is also very large.

Retro games are short in size and are more compact and basic in their structure. At C64gamers.com we provide you with retro gaming adventure free of cost. We also have our community of gamers that are linked to us by various social media channels and they support us in our work and in our aim of making retro gaming popular again and preserving the historyof video games from its infancy till modern date. All gamers know the importance of preserving retro games and their codes so that their originality remains unaltered and unchanged.