Reasons why the Commodore 64 console was so popular

March 11, 2019 goldengoose677 0 Comments

The 8-bit music of this popular gaming console is iconic and contributed to the development of a few music genres. This synth sounding style has become the basis for many retro games which are seeking to emulate the unique tracks that were part of gaming on the Commodore 64. The basic color layout is also popular with games seeking to capture that authentic retro feel.

Unlike your personal PC and other consoles, the C64 takes only two second to boot up. You can start gaming as soon as you switch on your console. It is also universally compatible with all commodore games which mean that players do not have to sweat the details of the game and the specifications of their console before playing. All you need to play is this console, a cart, a TV and your joystick controller to get going. For clarity purposes the console comes with a user guide book to help you know how to go about every aspect of this.

Due to the early release, most C 64 games are now available as freeware. There are also modern releases to meet the needs of an advanced gaming environment. There are hundreds of thousands of software titles available for players, which means that you can always find the next Commodore 64 games. You also have the choice between cassettes, floppy disks, cartridges and online downloads.

You do not need to have any special developer skills to make your own game for this console. You can literally get this done in an hour if you have some experience working on this. The model was basically a personal computer which was available at the price of a gaming console. It allowed players to understand how to develop games and offered the personal approach for interested players.

Even though Commodore 64 games are graphically limited when compared to the titles available today, they are more challenging and players will have at least as much fun on a C64 title as they will on a modern number. Games on this console could take weeks thanks to the variety of options available to players at all times. They can combine multiple characters for different experiences for the ultimate gameplay. Without an auto save option, you will have to learn your game, improvise and have fun while discovering hidden treasures.

Your Commodore 64 probably still works if you stored it carefully enough. The console is very tough and has outlasted many modern releases. It does not require any updates and will always work on the installed software version. You can add a hard drive to your console to increase your drive space and take up as many games as you wish for a full gaming experience on this console. There are brands who still develop games, accessories and peripherals for the C 64. You can still find communities online of people who enjoy playing Commodore 64 games to exchange experiences and make friends with other retro-computing enthusiasts.