The best C64 games for Commodore console

March 11, 2019 goldengoose677 0 Comments

Defender of the crown

Set in England in the late 12th century, players are required to build armies, conquer neighboring countries, raid enemies and win tournaments in the medieval game environment. It takes some effort to make medieval music through C64 compatible FX but it is a decent output. The graphics are also above average for Commodore 64 games. The tournaments add to the appeal of this strategy game which is simple and straightforward.


Published in 1985 by Firebird, this simulation game is set in space. In Elite, players can make lucrative gains by trading illegally. There are many pirates lining up in space who will attack your cavalry and try to steal your cargo. You can also play as a pirate and get a chance to attack other ships for loot. As your activity levels increase, you will go from HARMLESS to MOSTLY HARMLESS to ELITE, where you will attract a lot of police attention. You can also control your plane manually in this 3D trader/ shoot-‘em-up simulator. The vectors are very low quality in terms of graphics and the sound is only adequate but the game promises to keep you occupied for hours


This 1990 classic by Rainbow Arts was a landmark came at the time when 16 bit computers were being introduced. Turrican set new limits for Commodore 64 games which could compete with the 16 bit PC. It has a basic plot that pits a protagonist and antagonist against each other for the fate of the world. Players will need to travel across five worlds while battling different challenges to face an evil demon named Morgul. You will onlyhave limited time available for each level and must be careful not to be caught out by the passing time. It has parallax effects, smooth transition and a variety of detailed enemies. It also includes a number of sound options. The great gameplay contributes to Turrican being a C64 cult classic.

Ultima III: Exodus

This 1984 was a sequel to Ultima II which proved popular with early users of the Commodore 64 console. It features a complex musical score with a detailed musical selection that could help you identify your location in the map. It was developed earlier than other games on this list and features slightly worse off graphics. The unique sound weave is the best available with the unique system offering players a way to keep track of their location in this open world game where players can go anywhere and do anything.

MicroProse Soccer

This was a nearly perfect soccer game considering the options available to players at the time. This Commodore 64 game was completely playable with different pass combinations and accurate shooting. It made for a great soccer experience even without the great sound quality. While the graphics fall short of other C64 games, the overview camera makes it easy to get a grasp of the whole pitch. The game also uses some real world physics such as players traveling slower with the ball for a more even match.