The top reasons why you should consider a Commodore 64 console

March 11, 2019 goldengoose677 0 Comments

If you are looking for a unique and interesting console to enjoy a quality gaming experience on, the Commodore 64 could be the right one for you. It has a cult following and continues to release games well over 30 years after it first became popular. This is despite significant advancements to computing and gaming. Here are a few reasons why you should consider the Commodore 64 console for your gaming needs.

Retro gaming

The synth sound, characteristic graphics display and gaming experience of Commodore 64 games is unique to the console. Modern attempts to replicate the retro gaming offered by a variety of games just lack the authentic feel of the Commodore 64. It makes for a unique and enjoyable experience and is why it still remains popular today.

Variety of software titles

You can find games for your console whether as floppy disks, cartridges or by downloading a software title online. There are many third party game developers who still produce titles to date which means that you will always have access to these games. Many games have become freeware because they have been available for so long. You will not incur any expenses towards buying upgrades with these games.

Self-developer mode

You do not need to have any special developer skills to make your own game for this console. You can literally get this done in an hour if you have tried coding on the console. The model is basically a personal computer which is available at the price of a gaming console. It allows players to understand how to develop games and offered the personal approach for interested players.

The games are actually good

Even though they are graphically limited when compared to Pc, PlayStation and X-Box games, they offer a unique retro feel that these modern consoles cannot generate. The Commodore 64 games were proprietary at the time of their release and still have enough to offer in regards to a good gaming experience. What they lack in graphics quality they make up for with expansiveness. These games are versatile and offer players the ability to play multiple roles and take many actions. You will need to take days to explore a game fully in order to finish it which is better than the limited options on offer today. Many games allow players to explore and interact with their environment.

The console is well built

There are few consoles which could stand up to the Commodore 64 console in terms of durability. Chances are that your old model still works. People who bought models 30 years ago can still play games on their devices if they are well maintained. This offers players a lasting gaming experience which will not require additional expenses in terms of repairs and maintenance.  There is a large community of players and enthusiasts who will improve your gaming experience on the Commodore 64 by reviewing games and providing detailed information on how to upgrade your console.