What are the top games available for Commodore 64 console?

March 11, 2019 goldengoose677 0 Comments


Sid Meier’s Pirates was ahead of its time at its release. This historical game combines adventure and strategy properties for an all-round gaming experience. Players can start entirely new expeditions or command a famous expedition which allows them to play as a real life pirate. Players may choose a time period of play although the game will automatically set you up at 1660 if you do not specify one. You will then choose a battle front from four options and you are ready to play. You could also take the route of a peaceful trader which attracts less heat from law enforcement. The graphics quality is better than standard Commodore 64 games and players can experience unique characteristics in each city which should make for a variety of gameplay options and strategies.

Last Ninja 2

A puzzle game with action properties is rare enough. The Last Ninja 2 combines these qualities with great sound options for a unique Commodore 64 experience. It is a fast paced game set in New York City. It features great movement and animation, which is a remarkable improvement from the first game in the series.


Turrican set new limits for Commodore 64 games which could compete with the 16 bit PC. It has a basic plot that pits a protagonist and antagonist against each other for the fate of the world. This 1990 classic by Rainbow Arts was a landmark came at the time when 16 bit computers were being introduced, and features parallax effects, smooth transition and a variety of detailed enemies. It also includes a number of sound options. Players will need to travel across five worlds while battling different challenges to face an evil demon named Morgul. You will only have limited time available for each level and must be careful not to be caught out by the passing time. The great gameplay contributes to Turrican being a C64 cult classic.

Turrican II: The Final Fight

The sequel to Turrican sees Morgul destroyed. As the ship courses through unknown territory after claiming victory over the evil Morgul, they are attacked by a cybernetic creature. The ensuing battle damages the ship forcing Turican to seek revenge. Players engage in this quest to seek and destroy The Machine which takes them through five levels with increasing difficulty. The colors and shading add to the graphic layout of the game. The shots and effects are also animated for a lively gameplay experience. The sound is unchanged from the first game.

Zak McKrackken and the Alien Mindbenders

This joystick-only adventure game was developed in 1988 by Lucasfilm Games. It features a young reporter Zak, who encounters alien mindbenders when he checks on a suspicious story. The game features an impressive intro sequence with better graphics than those found in play, but these are satisfactory for the C64 platform. The sequence has sound FX but there is no music within the game. It is still very good for a C64 game because it is challenging, completely playable and interactive.